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Primeiro gostariamos de pedir desculpas pelo atraso nas respostas, não estava dependendo somente de nós como também da disponibilidade do "entrevistado" em questão, sobre a demora ele deixou uma palavrinha para vocês:

"You probably want to kill me for taking this long, I'm REALLY sorry! The questions have been in my backlog for weeks but everytime I started working on them I woud get pulled into something else.😫" 

Foram mais de 120 perguntas e selecionamos o máximo de perguntas interessantes para serem enviadas, nem todas foram respondidas pois houve o mesmo não entendeu direito a pergunta, estaremos tentando enviar novamente as perguntas não entendidas mas, foram um total de 25 perguntas enviadas e 22 respondidas.

Vamos deixar o artigo com as respostas em inglês para que você faça a tradução livre. 

Respostas da Sabatina

@:Meenina:@ (BR/PT): How was the process of becoming a Habbo Staff? - It was pretty normal in the sense of having an interview where they got to know me and once I started the job I received training to learn about how the game worked and what was needed from my role.

Samppo (BR/PT): Could all staff have ideas for the development of Habbo 2020? - Yeah, the dev. team has always been open to receiving ideas from all staff.

All Community: Would there be time to make a possible migration to a new platform in (HTML5) since a version of the Unity out several flaws for login? - We're still working on improving Unity. We are aware that it still has some flaws but we're focused on fixing them as well as other bugs users have been reporting.

murillobed777 (BR/PT) / SquirleBoss (COM): Do you think about actually launching a downloadable client? Will it be lighter than playing through the browser? - Releasing the Air client was something definitely needed. Our intention has always been to have a game everyone enjoys playing and unfortunately Unity wasn't in right shape yet. Having the Air client is going to allow us to continue working and making improvements on Unity while the entire community can still enjoy playing Habbo the way they always have.

All Community: With Habbo on Unity, there would be some possibility that the old games inside Habbo would return For example Snowstorm and Fast Food? - That's something we're still considering, we know how much Habbos loved these old games (a lot of the staff are big fans of them as well) so it's something we are still looking into.

All Community: Will trade be as it was? (The most question) - Trading has been a core feature of Habbo for many years, we are fully aware of how important it is for the community so we're really happy that we'll incorporate it in the Unity client and with this keep what many people feel is part of the "essence" of Habbo.

-l- (COM): Why was there little to no communication with the community until roughly 2 months before flash ended? - We are aware that there could have been more communication prior to the last months of Flash, there were still many things we were working on and wanted to communicate them at the right time. This all has been a lesson for us and we'll definitely take what we have learned and improve on it in the future.

All Community: Any chance of new wireds with new functions being implemented in this new habbo? - I have actually been collecting some new wired ideas from builders to share with the team to see if we can have them in the game. I work closely with builders and I'm always impressed by everything they can do with them so I'm definitely looking forward to adding new wireds that can be useful to everyone.

Srto.Pedrinho (BR/PT): If it weren't for the end of the flash, would habbo still change SO MUCH like this? - Maybe we would have implemented some of the changes at a different pace, we know that we had a lot of changes in little time and they weren't that well received, but our goal is to make changes that will allow us to have Habbo running for many years. There are still some really cool things we are working on and that hopefully we'll be able to share more about them in the following months.

All Community: Why did the amount of daily duckets we receive decrease? - The idea behind this was to refresh the ducket economy because there were too many duckets but we realize that the change has been significant so we'll discuss this again and find an amount that's more meaningful to everyone.

All Community: What was your reaction when you saw the result of the movements on twitter with the hashtags? - To be honest it was tough to see, but we understand what drove the community to react the way they did, they wanted to be heard and they felt we weren't really listening to them. We know that many feel disappointed at how things were handled but we are working hard at trying to gain some of their trust back.

All Community: Will there be a possibility to exchange nicknames? - This is something many people have requested and we have thought about it but there are many details we need to take into consideration before thinking of implementing it.

GuuHSantoos (BR/PT): Does Habbo think about creating new types of pets in the future? Pets such as bats, snakes, mythological beings, for example. - Pets are always fun, we would definitely love to increase the kinds of pets we have. Suggestions are always welcome :)

All Community: Why was the game design completely changed? - We tried to make some improvements to the design to make it look more up to date. We never wanted to change the feel and look of Habbo, we are actively listening to what people are saying in SM, sharing those comments with the team and taking their suggestions and feedback into consideration.

tassio33barreto (BR/PT): Do you intend to increase the donation limit to someone more than 10 credits? - We don't plan to change it atm. The idea when we created this tool was to help fansites and agencies continue running their events and giveaways while we implemented private trading in the new client.

Marshtompmat (BR/PT): Do you really hear this "community" (when you send those pop up)? If so, where do you apply these suggestions and what is the example that something was heard? - Yes, I definitely do. Not only me but staff from every site. We are constantly sharing the feedback we hear to try to incorporate them, we know that for some time many might have felt like we weren't listening at all but I assure that we have and we will continue to do so.

TovarichIV (ES): What features do you plan to add to this new Habbo? There must be something that motivates us to continue playing. - There are new features that we are REALLY excited about but are not ready yet so I can't give out much information about them... But we hope to have news or at least give some hints about them soon, so keep an eye out for our SM and news sections! ;)

Tralend (ES): All the dynamics of gifts (mainly furniture gifts) has been a major attraction of the game until a while ago, however, with the Disabled Furniture trade as a principle, do you plan to add something that returns the essence of furniture gifts? - Keeping the furni - furni trading feature in Unity will allow Habbos to give furnis to their friends like they have been doing in the past, so we're glad that they'll be able to continue doing this in the new client.

.:Nailton@123:. (BR/PT): Hello, Alyx! Currently, many games work using disclosures and partnerships with the media, as Habbo used to do. Is there any reason for Sulake to update the platform in 2020, but still avoid adopting or even addressing this or any other modern marketing style to attract new users to the Hotel? - It's not that we have been avoiding these types of marketing styles, but for the past few months our main priority has been working on improving the Unity client. Our marketing team is looking for the right fit for us to promote the game but like said our priority even now is to get Unity in a better shape.

=?=Harry=?= (BR/PT): Is it possible to suggest an example of a "ruby" coin to collect from community badges, with rubies being able to buy furnitures or even non-negotiable currencies to avoid fake accounts in habbo prizes? - It's definitely an interesting idea! It's not my call to make but like so many of suggestions we've been getting I'll make sure to pass it along to our game designers to see what they think.

Colecionamos (BR/PT): Over time, do you have plans to implement Traxmachine's features and the system for creating and editing songs and CDs back to the Pixels of the New Habbo? - Trax machines were a cool furni to have in the game, we would like to have them back at some point but it'll probably be a later stage.

djanderson74 (BR/PT): do you intend to delete banned accounts permanently? Because these account losses occupy names that quite a lot of users, Thank you very much and success in # Habbo2020 - Thanks for the good wishes! Deleting banned accounts permanently it's not in our plans. We know there are lots of names that are not available because they belong to an account that has been banned but for legal reasons we can't just delete all the banned accounts in our system.

Perguntas sem resposta por dificuldade do entendimento:

Leeh.95 (BR/PT): Since the game is undergoing changes that will not be resolved soon, why didn’t they leave the game via the app functioning normally since many no manage to enter through the beta? Many are stopping playing due to various difficulties such as not entering a beta, others only have cel, among others. Why not leave the app working normally until everything is fixed? - By " not leave the app working normally" did she mean removing the trading from the app back in January?

Figthrock (BR/PT): Why didn't they create something new on top of the old structure, since the users were used to the functions? - Does he mean new features on top of the old ones?

All Community: Is there a possibility of having old public spaces again? - old public spaces again, like which ones?

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